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Bonus Features

From seminars and showcases to silliness and beyond,
this page is dedicated to the miscellaneous.  

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Zoom Seminar

This 30-minute show writing seminar for TEA @ Concordia covers everything from show writing examples and writing for theatre vs theme parks to advice for aspiring writers and beyond.


Flow Chart

Wanting to add a fun and helpful way to make my writing sample page less overwhelming, I created a flow chart! 


2021 Portfolio Video Spotlight

Filmed in March 2021, this Slice Freelancer Showcase spans my early professional work and personal projects. Check it out!

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Award-Winning Haunt  

Watch the Spring Break 1969
Live Presentation Pitch! SB69 won best story and best presentation – Haunt Comp 2021.

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Sound Design Class Project

As part of an intro to sound design class for themed entertainment, I was tasked to reimagine the sound of Astro Orbiter. Thus, the Astro Flight Assessment came to be.

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