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Writing & Work Samples
candy in jars

The Peculiar Park of Science and Sweets is the brainchild and thesis of doctoral candidate TIMOTHY ROOT, a peculiar man of science with a significant sweet tooth. Fascinated with the substance of sugar, Timothy set out to create an intricate kingdom of colossal proportions, constructed from his favorite confections...Why?

To prove his hypothesis: 

“When sugar and science fill every mile, each twist and turn will make you smile.”


The magic of Blizzard Beach is the underlying message that glistens ever so slightly in the melting snow. This nighttime spectacular takes guests on a thrilling journey through the rise and fall of Florida’s first ski resort and the unforeseen magic it resulted in.

*This is a personal passion project  and not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.54.46 PM.png
Haunted House

Survival at Sea

Sea loving sweethearts are invited on a romantic cruise through thrilling, uncharted waters aboard the S.S. Juliet! With a celebratory send-off, the maiden journey begins. But the dazzling atmosphere suddenly turns dangerous as the waters turn dark.  

In Progress

Kindergarteners are present for their teacher’s sudden death. Their uninformed theories on death and the afterlife result in a unique and hilarious makeshift funeral.

*Produced by Rogue Productions and Lakewood High School

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 12.33.20

The stars have aligned for a striking soiree! Prompted by the positioning of the planets, the constellations of the zodiac have overtaken The Magic Castle to compete for a prosperous future.

*Horrorscopes is the product of a 6-week Magic Castle studio simulation, where a group of creatives worked under the real-world expectations, budgets, dimensions, and guidelines of the iconic venue to realize a fully developed Halloween overlay pitch.

 My main contributions: story lead, overall concept description, Scorpio Speakeasy, Pisces: A Glowing Abyss, roaming character descriptions, RFID concept description, poster copy, and more (as marked in the deck).


Come face to fish and embark on an underwater mission to save the sea! 


After a breakthrough invention allows aquatic life and humans to communicate, sea creatures recruit us to investigate an unknown force wreaking havoc in the big blue. With a great seahorse detective as our guide, we behold the troubled state of our ocean and battle to protect its ecosystem – learning a few things along the way!

*Created for the Themed Entertainment Creative Workshop Series | Mentor: Adam Bezark

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 3.57.50 PM.png

In the wake of a devastating, radioactive hurricane, The Wildlife Protection Unit is enlisting Volunteers to help identify the surviving species. Due to the storm’s merciless destruction, no unit vehicle was spared, requiring all Volunteers to drive their own cars.

Led through the search areas by an eccentric Guide, Volunteers soon realize that this unnatural disaster did not lead to species extinction, but a dangerous transformation, placing the Volunteers in a survival saga of their own.

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