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Selected Projects

Below are projects I have written and produced.

jonas 1.jpg

This two-act, jukebox musical adapts Joe Jonas's 2013 personal essay into a theatrical and chaotic spectacle that manifests Joe Jonas's inner subconscious.

Special thanks to FSU Student Theatre Association.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 3.54.46 PM.png
Immersive Experience

Hamlet... but it's Animal Crossing

Timmy and Tommy are visited by the ghost of their father... it is revealed that their Uncle (Tom Nook) has murdered the King! The audience is invited to walk with Timmy and Tommy through the town and contemplate their next move, or lack of, with them.

Coming Soon

High School Theatre is intense, especially in Florida. In this interactive show, Grace and Mason recreate the Florida Thespian's District Events, a performance competition that we all took too seriously as children.


Noah Centineo is emerging as the new Netflix heartthrob. His rise to fame was so fast... too fast... Two researchers feel they have found the answer and plan to present their findings to an esteemed group of researchers (the audience). Hopefully, everything goes well, and no one escapes...

Special thanks to
Ski School Productions.

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