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 Art by Jackson Mancuso

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The assignment

Horrorscopes is the product of a 6-week Magic Castle studio simulation, where the project team worked under the real-world expectations, budgets, dimensions, and guidelines of the iconic venue to realize a fully developed Halloween overlay pitch.

My Main contributions

Story lead, overall concept description, Scorpio Speakeasy, Pisces: A Glowing Abyss, roaming character descriptions, RFID concept descriptions, poster copy, menu copy, and more (as marked in the deck and further expanded upon below).

The Story

The stars have aligned for a striking soiree! Prompted by the positioning of the planets, the constellations of the zodiac have overtaken The Magic Castle to compete for a prosperous future.

Occurring once every solar cycle, this sinister competition of pompous celebration pins the signs against one another as they each fight for their element to dazzle the all-ruling Mother of the Stars.

However, this year, The Mother is not the sole decider of the zodiac’s fate...

Come and wander through a twinkling battleground where realms of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water shine with splendor,
all in hopes of earning your allegiance to ensure their favorable fate.

Graphic Design by Cara Levine

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 Art by Jackson Mancuso | Logo by Mia Poulsen

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 Art by Jackson Mancuso | Logo by Mia Poulsen