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 Art by Jackson Mancuso

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The assignment

Horrorscopes is the product of a 6-week Magic Castle studio simulation, where the project team worked under the real-world expectations, budgets, dimensions, and guidelines of the iconic venue to realize a fully developed Halloween overlay pitch.

My Main contributions

Story lead, overall concept description, Scorpio Speakeasy, Pisces: A Glowing Abyss, roaming character descriptions, RFID concept descriptions, poster copy, menu copy, and more (as marked in the deck and further expanded upon below).

The Story

The stars have aligned for a striking soiree! Prompted by the positioning of the planets, the constellations of the zodiac have overtaken The Magic Castle to compete for a prosperous future.

Occurring once every solar cycle, this sinister competition of pompous celebration pins the signs against one another as they each fight for their element to dazzle the all-ruling Mother of the Stars.

However, this year, The Mother is not the sole decider of the zodiac’s fate...

Come and wander through a twinkling battleground where realms of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water shine with splendor,
all in hopes of earning your allegiance to ensure their favorable fate.

Graphic Design: Cara Levine | Copy: Grace Perrotta

 Art by Jackson Mancuso | Logo by Mia Poulsen | Project Partner: Jen Yu

Story High Concept:

Known for being mysterious and resourceful, the brave Scorpios have repurposed a sunken ship and transformed it into their secret speakeasy. Here, these willful water signs indulge in liquid libations, determined to entice Mother and her guests with fierce fun. Though the Scorpios are seemingly tight-lipped, it is hard for them to hold their tongue. Their obstinate opinions on the other signs are unleashed at the very mention of them, shaking up their space with intense indications. Filled with treasure, drinks, and twisted celebration, this shipwreck whirls with the stubborn, aggressive, and passionate energy of the sign.

An Interactive Bar:

The Scorpios have strong feelings about their fellow zodiac signs, which manifest in the space in sensational ways. In accordance with the Horrorscope event cocktail menu, when a guest orders a specific element’s drink, the speakeasy stirs with special effects that embody the Scorpios’ temperament towards the corresponding signs. From a lightning strike, a whirlpool, a rumble of thunder, or a glimmer of light to group chants, celestial soliloquies, and more, the Scorpios’ feelings are on full display, utilizing projection technology, lighting, sound, and the story savvy bar staff.

Image from iOS (1).png

 Art by Jackson Mancuso | Logo by Mia Poulsen | Project Partner: Jen Yu

Story High Concept:

Compassionate and collected, the Pisces created a calming chasm to escape the castle’s surrounding chaos. With the surface waves surging and the stormy sky swirling, the Pisces lure company into their gentle, deep-sea abyss with idyllic promises of comfort. Glowing with the power of planet Neptune, sectors of glimmering light forge warm auras of seeming solace; however, danger lurks quietly in the dark… For these water signs have placed guests in a puzzling premise: intention is not protection, and inviting illumination may very well be an illusion.

Coy Koi:

Lurking in the abyss, the Pisces koi await their prey, stalking them from the dark depths of the sea. When the time is right, they push through the seaweed and fly forward to strike fear in those who pass by their portholes.  

Explore the characters, menu, social media, RFID moments, and more.

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