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During my time at Florida State University, I served as the proud Artistic Director of Rogue Productions. 

As Artistic Director, I worked with emerging playwrights, directors, and artists to stage original works.

In my four years of involvement with Rogue Productions, I served as producer and creative dramaturg for over 42 original plays and 17 immersive showings. 

Rogue is still going strong in Tallahassee!

Rogue Productions is dedicated to producing original, student art. Its mission is to provide a platform for members of the Tallahassee community to express themselves in a way that no other institution allows. Rogue challenges the conventions of theatre to make personal, raw, and boundless art. Rogue produces annual events as well as new entertainment offerings each season.

13 Love Songs

America's Next Best Phaleghne

Register to Vote

And Chill

One Act Play Festival

FLOW: 10 Minute Play Festival

7 Minute Performance

24 Hour Theatre

Individual Productions

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